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We all have wish lists when it comes to cars. Here's mine, presented in no particular order.

'63 Sting Ray
The back of a 1963 split-window Corvette coupe, painted to perfection.
Mid-year (1963 - 1967) Corvette Roadster: I love all Corvettes, but I love these Corvettes the most. Timeless style, combined with performance that's still respectable today. As soon as I can afford to have a "weekend car," I want one for cruising around and generally looking cool. Believe it or not, I also want to take it to the track - there's nothing like seeing a vintage car being used the way it was designed. There were several engine options for this particular Corvette, but I'll take any of them mated to the 4-speed transmission.

Topaz Blue E46 M3
Mmmm, the ULTIMATE ultimate driving machine. Drool.
E46 (2001 - ??) M3 Coupe: The tri-color and chrome M badge has always meant something very special, something important underneath the skin. In this case, the M is the ultimate 3-series BMW. Subtly different sheet metal covers a powertrain that leaves the next most powerful 3-series (330i or 330Ci) in the dust: 333 horsepower vs. 225, 265 lb-feet of torque vs. 214. The engine revs up to an F1-reminiscent 8000 rpm, not unlike Honda's F20C engine in their S2000. Throw in a unique suspension and the M limited-slip differential, which allows up to 100% torque to one wheel, and you have a truly formidable machine for the street or the track. The previous generation M3 was amazing in its own right, but this car can legitimately stand up to the world's high-powered sports cars in performance. And this one comes with four seats!